Kitchen Splashback Prices & Costs


The price of a kitchen splashback depends largely on the material you choose. Todays most popular choices are stainless steel, glass (acrylic or toughened glass), laminate or tiled. Let’s review the prices of a the 4 mentioned options.

Price of steel a kitchen splashback

Trendy design, stainless steel is the material is fashionable in your kitchen. Stainless steel is resistant to weather, water and cleaning is carried out directly with a cloth.  The price of stainless steel splashback is between $150 to $250 per m2 .

Price of a glass splashback

Tempered glass. Glass has a long life and is easy to maintain. You have a wide choice of colours, the price of a glass splashback is estimated to be  between $350 and $500 per m2
If your planning on using a digital printed image on your glass splashback you can expect to be spending ‘an extra $130 per S/M. Visit the following link for inspiring Printed glass splashbacks by Innovate Glass.


The safety glass can be put behind your hob with stainless steel are the two materials that are heat resistant.

Price of a laminate splashback

The laminate provides a successful finish especially as there is no seal visibly. The laminate is made of wood covered with plastic, wood is very resistant to heat hence its low price. Allow for a laminate splashback between $40-$80 per m2 .

Price of a tiled splashback

How to mention the inevitable splashback tiling? Ultra functional, the tiling is easily done however the tile grout cleaning should be done regularly. From a decor perspective, well choose your tile or you may fall into has-beens. The price per m2 of tile backsplash is comprised  between $30 to $70 per m2 .


Creo Glass Install Video: “Pink Ganesha” Glass Splashback for the Kitchen

Installation video of Kitchen Glass Splashback with a motive of Beautiful Ganesha in pink metallic background colour. Creo Glass creates bespoke designer splashbacks – the real neck turners.

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