How Roller Blinds Work

dual roller blinds

Roller Blinds are a practical choice of blind for many rooms within the home. With such a wide choice of fabrics, materials and designs you are guaranteed to find a Roller Blind to suit your decor.

Roller Blinds consist of a large piece of fabric which rolls on and off a tube. The tube is secured above a window to allow the blind to be pulled down over the window opening. The tube is fastened in place by two brackets positioned at both sides of the blind, one on the left and one on the right. These brackets are universal allowing the user to either top fix the blind into the recess top, or face fix the blind into the window frame. Top fixing a Roller Blind will allow the blind to be positioned away from the window bypassing the window handle when operated. Face fixing a Roller Blind will generally not allow enough space for the blind to pass any handles. However there is an alternative if this is your preferred fixing method. The blind can be reversed roll meaning the fabric runs off of the front of the tube providing approximately an extra inch (25mm) of space between the fabric and the window handle.


Roller Blinds can be operated by two different methods; the first is called a spring action Roller Blind. This is operated by a pull which is attached to the bottom of the blind and then used to pull the fabric down. The spring is housed within the tube and has a small ball bearing which locks the blind into position when the blind is stopped. This style of blind can be difficult to use as the spring is wound extremely tight ensuring maximum tension. However if the blind is let go without locking into place, there will be no resistance and the blind would shoot up towards the tube possibly causing damage to the blind.

The second preferred method is called a sidewinder action Roller Blind. This is the much preferred method as the blind can be controlled by pulling the sidewinder cord which can be positioned on the left or right hand side providing complete control over the blind.

Roller Blinds can be used in lots of different locations. However the larger the window, the larger the piece of fabric thus increasing the weight of the blind. This will put pressure on the tube possibly leading to bowing over time. If you do have a large Roller Blind, ensure the tube used is aluminum apposed to the cheaper cardboard tubes which are available on the market.

When to Use Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen roller blinds are often used for the rooms that you want some soft light to filter through, but don’t want the harmful rays of the sun to fade your furniture, rugs, or paint on your walls. These fabrics protect your room from the suns harmful rays while still allow a bit of light even when the shades are completely closed.

Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout blinds are normally used in the bathroom and bedroom, and sometimes in the main rooms of the home. Blackout type fabrics offer privacy in those rooms where people bath and dress and well as blocking out light from street lamps and the sun while you sleep. More often or not people choose blackout blinds for those rooms where they want to block all outside light or where they want to be assured of absolute privacy during certain times of the day.

You will find plenty of fabrics available when it comes to choosing the fabric for your new Roller Blinds. Fabrics are available in a large range of colours including bright vivid colours, translucent materials, natural fabrics and blackout fabrics. Blackout fabrics are extremely popular to prevent the light coming into the room as the mornings become lighter.

You can base your decision according to what particular rooms you are using the blinds in. People prefer blockout fabric if they want their bedrooms to be totally free from light and glare. Such fabric is also ideal to achieve total privacy. Your home theatre room will also look and feel like a real comfortably dark and cool cinema with the same type of fabric. If using made to measure roller blinds for the kitchen or dining room, you may want some sunlight to softly and lightly filter in through the blinds by using both blockout blinds and sun screen blinds together on the same window.

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